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    On the 15. October starts a campaign of the largest Swiss media company: the voluntary media Login. From this point on, most of the News platforms of Ringier AG, ask for the VIEW out there, Tamedia, CH Media and the NZZ your users on the site. The SRG is expected to be initiated in 2020, and also a voluntary Login to offer.

    technology companies to drive the change

    But why creates this Alliance right now? For this you have to take a look at the development of the Internet. Long Cookies were the magic. Simple: Cookies store information about the user directly on the respective device. So site owners can understand the behavior, Login-information save or remember which products you have placed in the Shopping Online in the shopping cart.

    Cookies are not evil. To make web Surfing for the users faster and more convenient. And Online Shops, News platforms, and advertisers can personalize their offerings.

    But the age of the Cookies goes to the end. The latest Version of the browser, Firefox will block third-party Cookies automatically. Also Safari, the Browser from Apple, that will delete these Cookies after a few days, to keep Track of the user to bind to. It is probably only a matter of time before Microsoft and Google follow suit.

    Groundbreaking court ruling

    privacy in the World Wide Web are becoming increasingly aware. The General data protection regulation (DSGVO) of the EU, which entered into force last year, has already created more transparency. So it is now easier for users to find out how and why the personal data will be used. In addition, the DSGVO ease of removal requests.

    Even if Switzerland is not affected, per se, directly from the EU-regulation: The network is not necessarily to the country’s borders. Therefore, a VIEW has done much in terms of data protection.

    in Addition, the European court of justice on 1 has. October a ground-breaking judgment. Pre-filled consent – already-set check mark – for the use of “Cookies” are reflected in law. This judgment, in turn, has an impact on the operators of the Websites.

    slump in sales due to Firefox

    The Internet giants like Facebook or Amazon to take care of hardly. Your users will need to register to be able to services. You have a direct relationship to the people and therefore do not use more Cookies.

    For the media means the Cookie Die, however, a drastic worsening of the economic Situation. Since Firefox changed the conditions, revenues have fallen with some companies up to 15 percent. Other browsers should follow the example of Firefox, will be the loss of a lot bigger.

    Login response

    The Swiss publishers are therefore faced with the question: How do you deal with the loss of importance of Cookies? The answer is media-Login. By the registration you want to offer to the Silicon Valley corporations, the forehead. These have pushed increasingly between the journalism and the users and the advertisers. Such as Google or Facebook change the rules of the game, screw your Algorithms, are at the mercy of the editors of the.

    Through the media,-Login, the data quality should be improved. Without the registration of individual users to be counted about on several occasions, with any device that you use. As it happens, for example, that a user sees an ad dozens of times, although this should not be the case.

    An important point of the Swiss-Login-Alliance: There is no common data pot, all the participating publishing houses across. Each Medium retains its data, and automatically moves the required insights. The offer can be improved constant.

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