Wind up straffrabatterna of common sense, policy-makers


    It’s heated up considerably in the of life the during the Sunday evening when the christian democrats led by Ebba Busch Thor went on the attack against the prime minister, speaking straffrabatterna: Why should an offender who commits three acts of rape, only to be punished for the two? And, why should a 20-year-old who commits a rape is only punished for an element of the crime?

    the Team of Thor, put your finger on a sore spot. The English legal system, is provoking plenty of that to dish out straffrabatter. That is, as a rule, the sale all the way from sentencing to the choice of sentence, and early release. This is the low of the red-green government did not seriously deal with the problem.

    as A criminal who withdraw from the law can, therefore, continue to commit crimes with the certainty that most of the time they will be dragged through the mängdrabatten. It is an offensive scheme.

    at the same time, there is a problem with the one in the opposite order – kumulationsprincipen, as applied in the united states. It may not always result in a ridiculous penalty of more than 100 years, but a burglar can be sentenced more harshly than a rapist. This can also be seen as offensive to the general public rättsmedvetandet.

    ”That brösta 4 (a), in order to become a 100-man”
    When it comes to the perception of the young offenders, there are strong reasons of principle, in order to eliminate the straffrabatten for 18 to 21-year-olds. A legal person is considered adult enough to vote in elections, obtain a driver’s licence, etc. – should also be considered to be able to take responsibility for their criminal acts.

    But at the same time, take hold of a far wider problem with the way the justice system responds to the 15 to 17-year-olds. Civil society is often handfallet as gross criminals, teenagers, abuse, threaten, and rob. It is the latest in a long line of examples is the so-called ” förnedringsligan in Gothenburg, sweden, where the 17-year-old leader is under the responsibility of the social services in spite of its history of very, very serious crime.

    If not, it is at the same time, addressed the absurdity of the splice for a day here or there can decide whether an accused person should be treated with kid gloves, or be sentenced to life in prison. < / span> < / span>

    Response: Strafftrösklarna the need to reduce, even to minors.

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