You like to sleep on the right side? The not you should do from now on


Turn to Sleep on the right side? For your health, that is a dangerous habit. A study reveals the reasons.

Sleep can be so beautiful – and is also healthy. Who is sleeping enough, is rested and fit for the tasks at hand. However, what is barely known: The sleeping position can also have an impact on our health.

reasons not to sleep on the right side

In a study published in 2015 in The magazine “The Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology,” says the doctor John Doulliard several reasons why you should Sleep prefer to be on the left side instead of to the right side turning:

1. The stomach and pancreas

stomach and pancreas are on the left side of the body. Who sleeps on the right side, ensures that the the stomach to the pancreas , and their activity is hindered.

2. Heart and blood circulation

The main artery, the Aorta, branches off from the heart to the left. If you are on the right page, you must pump up your heart the blood less “uphill”. Who sleeps on the left side of the body, support the pumping function of the heart.

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3. Lymphatic system and spleen

Who sleeps on the left side, does the lymphatic system of the body something Good, says Doulliard more. And this for the following reason: The lymphatic system for the Transport of important nutrients and the filtering of waste materials is responsible.

the spleen , which also cleans the blood, is located on the left side of the body, the waste products particularly quickly to her, when lying on the left side.

4. Heartburn

Who sleeps on the right side, suffers about twice as often heartburn (also Reflux), and as a left sleeper. The sun according to the study, the fact that the edible acid is on the right side of the stomach. Who is turning when Sleeping to the right, makes it easier for the chyme back into the esophagus back flow and cause such unpleasant complaints.

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