Butterflies-chaos in ‘The big bagedyst’: ‘I think I got a stroke’


“It’s some of the worst, you can put me to,” it said in the program from the 30-year-old educationist, as the butterflies don’t really would behave.

the Main task was to make the classic Sarah Bernhardt cake.

“Haha, I don’t know what happened. I think I got a stroke,” says Fillip in the day to B. T.

“You understand nothing, what is the pressure it is under, once you have started with the secret challenge. The brain thinks not at all normal.”

part of the Sarah Bernhardt-the task was – as in the broadcast – to make small butterflies out of chocolate and shape them in a plastic cup.

It was not the world’s easiest task for the Fillip.

“First of all I started to draw butterflies. They are all mega ugly. Then you had to fold the paper and put them into the cup. I can not get to make sense. There was just chaos in my head,” he laughs.

“If I saw it at home, I would also sit down and say: ‘How stupid are you? Now you must just pull yourself together’. But it is just hard to explain the pressure you are under. When that is said ‘behind’, then disappears 70 percent of the brain just.”

the Fillip before the ’The big bagedyst’ not the big bageerfaring, so he was a little nervous about whether he would smoke out of the program as the first.

“Both Rasmus and I agreed that our first goal was not to smoke out as the first. So even though I am generally feeling quite a bit upstairs in the two, so I was as happy as Tim (Vladimir, ed.) said, who went on – and I was one of them.”

‘The big bagedyst’ will be sent every Saturday at 20: 00 on DR1.


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