Have you ever found 20 euros on the street? Then better do not plug in


Surely it happened to you: you were in the subway or on the road, and suddenly found on the platform or on the way to a bill. Most of the features, don’t think for a long time and plug it in.

found 20 euros on the street? Why you should not you retain better

know what a lot of: Who does this makes himself guilty of theft! Finally, it is not allowed, everything is easy to take with you. For coins this is not true, however. If you discover a 2-Euro coin on the street, you can keep it without problems.

interesting : your bill for this feature? Then you are sure to fall in love at the wrong money.

this Is not, however, for example, a 20-Euro note, then. It says So in the German Civil code (BGB).

note on the road: a finder’s fee-item”> pays off

man to find Gold and money to the value of 40,000 Euro.

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Reports but an owner, you have at least a claim to a finder’s fee. As reported by Focus Online, there are, for example, at 500 euros, five per cent. In addition, three percent of the sum to you as the Finder.

your opinion counts!

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