More and more people are surviving cancer and heart disease


the Health service has since last year been better in 16 out of the 35 measurement points, according to a new report.

more and More people than ever before are surviving cancer and heart disease.

according to a new report for the health care from the Danish Regions, the Health and Ældreministeriet and NOON.

today, live 63 percent of the danes, who get cancer, still five years after. It is an improvement of 11 percentage points compared with 15 years ago, where 52 percent lived five years after.

Also more people survive a heart disease. Where in 2013 died 136 citizens per 100,000 citizens, the figure dropped to 121,5 deaths.

From Danish Regions, who operates the health service, is president of Stephanie Lose (V) positive about the development.

– I’m really glad that it goes forward on 16 out of the 35 measurement points in the health system, especially when it’s about cancer and heart disease, she says.

– I always think you can be better, so even if it goes well, then we must not rest on our laurels.

Of the remaining measurement points in the report, there is an annual temperature on the state of the Danish health care system, is 14 points unchanged, while five go back.

An area, as Stephanie Lose points on, need to be improved, is psychiatry. Here awaiting the Danish Regions, the so-called 10-year plan for mental health services from the government.

– Some of it, pushing the psychiatry, is that there will be very many new patients in the door, which means that we have a hard to follow, says Stephanie Lose.

in Addition to the Health and Ældreministeriet, Danish Regions and the PM agree that inequality is one of the biggest challenges for the danes ‘ health.

– We must have more of a focus on inequality, so it is all the danes, who get pleasure from the improvements, says Stephanie Lose.

in Particular, there is an area, which can improve the inequality, believes the president.

If I had to come up with a call to the government, then it is to put up the price of cigarettes.

– Danish Regions have previously played out with a proposal of 80 dollars for a pack of cigarettes. But I can see that there is a majority of 60 dollars, and it is an appropriate place to start, she says.



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