See the dramatic photos: Protests continue in Chile


Thousands of people remain on the streets of Chile’s capital Santiago and other cities to protest economic inequality.

President Piñera has promised reforms in an attempt to halt the riots that have been going on for almost a week.

18 people have lost their lives in connection with the protests.

It is Chile’s largest trade union has called for a general strike on Wednesday and Thursday, writes nyhedsbureuet AFP.

the Goal is to push Piñera to order the soldiers away from the streets and get him to discuss the reforms with grassroots organisations.

Around 20,000 police officers and soldiers have been deployed in connection with the demonstrations.

In Santiago used the police on Wednesday, water cannons in an attempt to disperse the crowds.

Local media reports on clashes and looting in several cities.

Chile, who is usually one of the most stable countries in south America, has not experienced similar unrest in decades.

the Demonstrations escalated on Friday of last week and took a violent turn in connection with protests against the higher prices for using the metro in the capital.

the Increase of the ticket prices are pulled back, but it has not put a damper on the protests.

In the five nights in a row has the military ordered curfew.

on Tuesday apologized to president Sebastian Piñera, in a speech to the nation, that he had not been able to foresee the outbreak of the protests. Piñera announced at the same time, a number of initiatives in an attempt to meet protesters ‘ wishes.

Among the measures is a guarantee to raise the minimum wage, a higher statsbetalt pension and a stabilization of the price of electricity.

in Addition, he will introduce a health insurance on the medicine, writes the news agency AFP. Chile has some of the highest drug prices in the south America.

in addition to the deaths, 269 persons injured and 1900 arrested.


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