‘Year 0’-the star has had enough


‘Year 0’-the star draws a line in the sand and will not find themselves in more.

Although the ‘Year 0’-Stephanie Siguenza is only 19 years old, so she does not hesitate to display its opinions and to strike a blow for, that one must behave properly.

She has experienced the downside of being a well-known person who shares out of his life, she reveals in a new video on YouTube, where she is going with a rallying cry to the people.

“This video is going to be about me, who is really tired of the language on the social media. Ever since I began to be videos up on YouTube, I have gotten messages like “shut up, where are you, bold”, “Your gross friend”, “What is the reason you have taken so much” and “You ought to stop in the bakery, for you look like a legomand made of pastry”. It I get also on my Instagram, and I am one hundred percent sure I’m not the only one,” finds Stephanie in the video and continues:

“But I’m so tired of it that it is the tone on the social media. Regardless of whether you are fat or thin or in between, regardless of how you look, should you be faulted. I do not understand that it is the tone, one must have towards other people. It does not matter how you look like, it also depends on what you have inside, and it is really annoying, it is the messages you get.”

I’m so tired of it

Although Stephanie always has been hårhudet and has grown up with a camera in the back, so she’s now reached a point where she can no longer say that she doesn’t care what people say.

She respects that you have different opinions, but do not understand the need to say it out loud and talk nasty about others.

“And yes, I know, I have taken a little more than what I had in the past, and it will also find out why I was, as I was in the past – for January, find out of it. And I can’t see why people don’t actually just can say, okay she has a little more on the side, but she can probably also some other things. I’m so tired of it all must just be patronising,” says Stephanie, and continues:

“The only thing we have come to today is that young people or adults to sit and criticize others, and I’m so tired of it. I think people need to take up for consideration, how they talk to other people on the social media. Yes, I know, I have taken some on, and I do damn also my best to lose me again, but my point is just: Talk to the hell properly, and you don’t comment on a because of their appearance.”

in the Future will Stephanie block all of the people who are spreading negativity in the comments.

Watch the full video with Stephanies courageous call on her Youtube channel.

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