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When I talk ‘business as usual’, it is thought that the strategy for FCKs him in the european games as often, at least with Stale Solbakken as manager, has been a relentless focus on the defensive work.

It has not done so well in the premier League, but there has been a slightly different focus in EL-group stage, where the FCK has opened up 1-0 at home over Lugano and a 1-1 draw away to Malmö. When you are watching Dynamo kyiv’s achievements, it is difficult to argue that it should go different game for itself what scores are concerned, when the two sides clash on Thursday.

Kiev has opened with 1-0 at home over Malmo and 0-0 away to Lugano. They have kept the zero in seven games in a row, so it is a solid defensive, which meets the lion frontrunners, and is Michael Santos and co. strong enough to break down that?

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Andreas Bjelland came forth early with småskavanker in this weekend’s match against Esbjerg. Photo: Lars Poulsen.
the FCK is raised to Kiev with Andreas Bjelland, who else was switched out early in the weekend’s match against Esbjerg, but they hope thus to get the crank ready. Clear becomes Nicolai Boilesen, Jonas Wind, Robert Mudražija, Dame N’Doye and Carlo Holse not, according to the club’s own website, which in turn joins the Stone Grytebust in the squad again.

Three of city’s last four home games in this tournament ended with one goal. Their last three home games on the whole were won 1-0, 2-0 and 1-0. Six of FCKs last eight matches in this tournament had no more than a goal. Only one of the eight had more than two goals.

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Michael Santos scored two boxes in this weekend’s showdown against Esbjerg. Photo: Lars Poulsen.
Both Kiev’s first leg was 0-0 at the break, the same was the position in FCKs one battle, while the other featured an own goal just before the pausefløjtet. With so clear a focus on keeping the condition from both sides, will be played under the two objectives, as in the following bet offers deposit return by exactly two goals, as well as no scores in the first half hour.


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