Huxi regret joke: Something terrible shit


In an interview with the Politiken newspaper, with the heading ‘You can make fun with everything. But one joke regret Huxi Bach’, tells DR2-the satirist, that he regret a joke that refers to the macabre submarine-killing, where Peter Madsen abused and killed the journalist Kim Wall.

In vittigheden he says, ‘that we must have learned that one must be careful, if there comes a man with a submarine…’

– We did something – and I can’t figure out why the hell we not discovered it before – but it was something about, that the russians at one point have had a submarine down four kilometres below the north Pole and planted a flag. So I say then, that we must have learned that one must be careful, if there comes a man with a submarine, says Huxi to Politiken.

According to him, the problem is with the joke that it places the blame for what happens at the climb down into the submarine, which he subsequently is made aware of a lady, who writes to him on Facebook.

– The I was damn upset. We are doing a Peter Madsen-reference, which does not end up with Peter Madsen, but on the other side. When I watch the program on Sunday evening together with my wife, I can see it. My wife says it also to me. And I have to say that it was something terrible shit, says Huxi Bach.

He will not, however, mention the topics, you categorically do not have to deal with when you’re making a comedy and satire. According to him, you can make fun of everything, if only you make effort and kicking up.

Satireprogrammet ’the Week plus the resolve’ is sent every Sunday at DR 2.


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